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DUAL barra espaciadora - longitud 2,0 m

DesignacionCubierta (mm)Embalaje: haz (m)Embalaje: palé (m)Haz (kg)Palé (kg)
DUAL 202010048009,8470
DUAL 2525100420010,6446
DUAL 3030100360011,5414
DUAL 3535602520 (2940)8,9374
DUAL 404060252010,2429
DUAL 505060144012,5300

DL barra espaciadora – longitud 2,0 m

DesignacionCubierta (mm)Embalaje: haz (m)Embalaje: palé (m)Haz (kg)Palé (kg)
DL 1515100540010,0540
DL 2020100540012,5675
DL 2525100420016,0672
DL 3030100360018,0648
DL 353560240013,2596
DL 404060240015,0600
DL 454560168018,0504
DL 505060168019,5546
DL 555540128015,2486
DL 606040128016,4525
DL 70704096018,4442

Track spacer with closed sides DLV – length 2,0m

A continuous plastic spacer for supporting mesh or bottom reinforcement in suspended slabs. Suitable for soft bases, foils or insulating materials. Closed sides enable correct distancing of the mesh.

Supplied in lengths of 2 meters.

DesignationHeight (mm)Pack size - bundle (m)Pack size - pallet (m)Bundle (kg)Pallet (kg)
DLV 10 full10100700012,0840
DLV 15 full15100540013,0702
DLV 20 full20100540016,0864
DLV 25 full25100420018,0756
DLV 30 full30100360023,0828
DLV 35 full3560288015,7754
DLV 40 full4060240018,6651
DLV 50 full5060168030,0840

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